About Us


I  began quilting in 1965 as I waited in South Texas for my husband to  return from his first deployment to Southeast Asia.  My  mother took me under her wing and bought an applique quilt kit to keep me busy. Since  that time I have been an avid quilter.  

I have taught quilting in Texas, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Washington.  I have had the opportunity to speak about my experiences and teach special classes.  I have had quilts exhibited in Paducah,  Chicago, Long Beach, Houston, Cincinnati, and Des Moines. My quilt entitled "The Quilt Show" is included in 500 Traditional Quilts by Karey Patterson Bresenhan, published in 2014.  

In 2005 I began designing and publishing my own quilt patterns. For the last seven years my husband, Tom and I are vendors in quilt shows in Washington, Montana, Oregon, Idaho, and Wyoming.  Our booth sells my patterns and my favorite notions.  Tom helps me in the booth as my cashier and can explain quilting notions as well as I can!  I couldn't do it without him.  

Our September, 2017 schedule

September 7 - 9, Yellowstone Quilt Fest Cody Auditorium, Cody, Wyoming.
September 29-30 Boise Basin Quilters' Guild Quilt Show, Expo Idaho, Boise, Idaho.  

The Quilt Show

I began the initial planning for "The Quilt Show" (seen on the Home Page) in about 1985.  It was  finally completed it in 2010 and took 2 years to quilt.  It is hand appliqued, hand and machine pieced, hand quilted with hand embroidered.  80" X 80".

October, 2010  Washington State Quilters Quilt Show, 2nd place, Hand Quilting.  It received the Margie Karivitas Award.
April, 2011  Semi-finalist, Paducah, Kentucky, AQS Quilt Show

"In the American Tradition"  A 26 Quilt Traveling Exhibit
    October, 2011, Houston, TX , AQS Quilt Show
  April 2012, Cincinnati, OH, AQS Quilt Show
  July 2012, Long Beach, CA, IQS Quilt Show

October, 2012, Des Moines, IA, AQS Quilt Show
          3rd Place, Wall Quilts:  Hand Quilted  (Cash Prize)

"American Treasures" A 20 Quilt Invitational Traveling Exhibit:
April 2013, Chicago, IL, IQF Quilt Show
   July 2013, Long Beach, CA, IQF Quilt Show
    October, 2013, Houston, TX IQF  Quilt Show

August, 2014, Published in 500 Traditional Quilts, By Karey Bresenhan, page 209

The Mini Quilt patterns in the Shopping Section entitled  Patterns from "The Quilt Show" are patterns from this quilt.  More patterns for this quilt to come.