Garden Quilt Hand Appliqué Class
Each student will choose one of my Garden Quilt patterns to learn needle-turned appliqué. You will also learn how to make the delicate bias "vines" that run through the borders of the quilts. This class accommodates beginning and/or intermediate students, depending on the pattern that you choose.

                                                                     Beginning Appliqué Class
                                                          (or improve your appliqué technique).
Students will be making a Colonial Rose 14" block to learn to needle-turn appliqué.

                                                                     Advanced Appliqué class
Michelle Hill’s beautiful William Morris Revisited quilt pattern will be provided for this class (with her permission, of course.) Learn the intricacies of deep curves, sharp points and reverse appliqué as you make this beautiful quilt. We will concentrate on the center of the quilt for the class.

                                                                         Hand Quilting Class
Learn to hand quilt in a hoop or lap frame. For beginners or students wanting to improve their skills. I will supply batting and quilt design pattern.
                                                                          Hand Piecing Class
Learn the techniques of hand piecing quilt blocks. You will be able to choose from several blocks to piece. Patterns will be supplied.

                                                                         Paper Piecing Class
Using Carol Doak’s Celebration Wreath (pattern provided with permission of Carol), students learn a different and fun way to paper piece using freezer paper foundations. This method is very accurate, uses less fabric and doesn’t make such a mess. There are no bits of paper to pick off the back and pull on your stitches. It’s a really a fun way to paper piece.

                                                                     Schedule for 2013/2014
For information about classes please call or e-mail.


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